Extremely distinct strange horror

Fights and debate related to AirBnB is increasing day by day and often, the hosts and in other occasions , guests are the victim of hurried experiences that comes like a bolt from the blue. Dependency of drug, sex and prostitution holds the lion share in this type of incidents . Sometimes , feud leads to death along with big causalities. This link comes with annals of occurrences which open up shimmering violence from its roots to explain the incredible vista of the society. Click the link to be mindful of this kind of events to avoid undesirable experiences. So check out minimum stay AirBnB you always needed. If you are looking for palm springs air bnb, you have stay on the cool web page. Via: oddee

The AirBnB host who was forced to pay $1700 to get rid of tenants

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-4(Source)

The prostitutes who use NY apartments as brothels

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-6 (Source)

The guest who was sexually assaulted and trapped in a room by his transgender host

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-8(Source)

The dog that bit an AirBnB renter

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-9


The AirBnB host who showed up drunk in the middle of the night

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-10(Source)

The man who crammed 24 beds in one AirBnB rental

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-11(Source 1 | Source 2)

The AirBnB host who died midway through a guest’s stay

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-12(Source)

The AirBnB guests who destroyed a home during a “drug-crazed” orgy

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-1 (Source)

The San Francisco woman whose home was ransacked by an AirBnB renter

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-2(Source 1 | Source 2 | Photo)

The AirBnB renters who refused to leave a condo

AirBnB -Horror -Stories-3(Source 1 | Source 2)

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