Amazing cool made in k town

You made a beeline for Palm Tree LA on Wilshire and New Hampshire for some karaoke and Korean “tapas” (which is very simple to consume Korean sustenance ). You ‘d been to this spot a long time recently , for companion ‘s birthday, and you need to say that this spot is insane . No other approach to represent it to start with, how about we enter it with images and the basic style was truly occupied – a significant step of hued neon lights – a little bit of Korean society blended with a sound stacking of Vegas. Thin Korean girls watching on the front workspace (great sight to see). The primary thing you noticed inside the room (in the wake of being blinded by all the laser lights) was the cling wrap remote control .

So look out for made in k town you always wanted.

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Crazy Karaoke -Palm Tree LA-1

Crazy Karaoke -Palm Tree LA-2

Crazy Karaoke -Palm Tree LA-4

Crazy Karaoke -Palm Tree LA-5

Crazy Karaoke -Palm Tree LA-7

Crazy Karaoke -Palm Tree LA-9

Crazy Karaoke -Palm Tree LA-11

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